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[Guide] Swordsman Build



  • Posted: 2008-10-29 17:29:01
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • This is pretty simple to follow, so dont worry about this. Ill use up my experience as a Swordsman in SoF to try and make a guide.

    First of all, when you start off, be sure you get a prime healing salve (you may acquire it when you begin the game, but youll only use it later on, after level 10).

    Ability Distribution

    The abilities are quite simple to distribute, so it goes this way:

    From levels 1-21: Sharpened Swords
    From levels 22-38: Chi Armor
    From levels 38-48: Burning Wrath
    From levels 48-58 Life Drainer
    From levels 58-60: Sword Drift
    From levels 61-71: Instant Reflex
    From levels 71-79: Sword Drift
    Level 80: Lethal Blow
    From levels 81-89: Auroral Sword (Yes, youll be left with 16 Points, but this due to save it up for Tigers Rage)
    From levels 90-100: Tigers Rage
    From levels 101-111: Fifth Promotion Ability (which I dont know the name, but looks pretty good!)
    From levels 112-113: Finish up Auroral Sword
    After level 113: Now fill up all the other Abilities

    Ki Distribution

    This sections is pretty simple. Just remember that until third promo, you should acquire NO skills. This is why too many people have problems with their own ki. They acquire the skills when theyre not needed. Basically, youll have to save up for everything. ^^


    Level 10: Tough, yah? Youll have to skip it. ^^ Saves your precious 160 (!) ki.
    Level 15: Get the Wind Sprint. After this, dont acquire any skills until level 60.

    As from here, you should gather all the ki you can. And even if youre almost running out of gold, just use Pills of Destiny everytime you can. And I mean everytime.

    Item Crafting

    Well, it seems that we got to the point where youll decide what to craft! So Ill use the minimum requirements.

    First Promotion Weapon: Your first promotion Weapon should be a Blood Sword, at least. To pimp it, I recommend Attack Damage 8x4 at least, with a [2] Minimum. For an amethyst, you should use Physical Energy, at least as well, since your Extra Damage can be important when doing the crits and the combos. If you do get a Tiger Sword... Attack Damage 9 or above should be used.

    Second Promotion Weapon: Your minimum here is certainly Attack Damage 10 in all lines, although its advisable to use Attack Damage 12 at least. You WILL have to afford a Solstice/Diamondedge Sword, and apply at least Attack Damage 12x4 on it. Be SURE to use Poison Amethysts (Level 3 required). You can also choose to make an Extra Damage Weapon, and in this case, your minimum SHOULD be Extra Damage 20x4, alongside Physical Energy Amethysts. Place your Amethyst at least in level 4. (Remember! Not to buy any skills with your ki.) If you do have a Master, just build an ED or Skill Attack Power Sword. The Skill Attack Power sword should use, at least, Skill Attack Power 16x4 Minimum, but the recommended here might be 17 or above. If you use SA Gems, dont hesitate in using Inner Energy or Poison (recommended). Either cases, be sure to have your enhancement at [3] in the minimum.

    Third Promotion Weapon: Here comes the point where everything suddenly changes, and youll use skills yourself. Youll even have two stages, like a lot of players had in the past, if youre not too stashed on gold. If you are, be sure to take up Step 2.
    • Step 1 (Level 60-70): This build-up is pretty simple. Youll have to use up Skill Attack Gems. So, to start off, get a Nemesis/Adamantine Sword and equip it with Skill Attack Power 20x4 (Minimum and also recommended for Step 1. If you can afford something higher (which isnt too hard nowadays <_<) just go for it). Then, your Amethysts can only be Poison or Above. As youre in this step, Poison is the most recommended. Get your Weapon to level 4 in Poison. As in for the enhancements, I used a [3] at that time, so now, if you are to use something at this point, make it [3]-[4], since its not too hard with all those premium stuff out there.
    • Step 1 (Level 70 onwards): This is where building your sword gets to a super Climax at third promotion. At this point, both Nemesis/Adamantine Sword and Blood Rain/Fire Fang Sword are ideal, so dont worry if you dont acquire the rare weapon. Of course the rare weapon is better, but your Nemesis/Adamantine is always enough! ^^ So, If you do get a Blood Rain/Fire Fang Sword, the minimum requirement to fill them up is: [4] Skill Attack Power 24x4 Poison level 4/Fire level 2. Simple as it may get. Anything above this is better, but these by themselves are okay. If you are to use a Nemesis/Adamantine Sword, be sure to use [4] Skill Attack Power 23x4 and the same Amethyst level as mentioned above, so the swords are not too different. If you can manage it to be [3], its also okay, since 6 Attack wont influence that much. But itd be great!

    Fourth Promotion Weapon: This is also where all opinions on weapon building diverge. Ill also divide these into Steps 1, 2 and 3, in case you build different Kinds of Weapons.
    • Step 1 (Demon Specter/Cobalt Wolf Sword): Very well, when you finish your Fourth Promotion, you feel like having a weapon, isnt that right? So, you should choose to get a Weapon Eight of your Faction and Class, so it can be a \"substitute\" weapon before you build your actual Fourth Promotion Weapon. If you already got your final weapon crafted, be sure to check if it matches the requirements on Steps 2 and 3. If you have it but not crafted, skip this point to Steps 2 and/or 3. If not, just stick to this one. =P Anywhos, lets get started. Your Demon Specter/Cobalt Wolf Sword should match the criteria of the minimum requirements, so it should be stashed with Skill Attack Power 25x4, [3] and Poison 4 at least, since this is going to be a replacement weapon and not your final one. As for the gems to be used here, stick to High Quality ones, since those can be cheaper than the Regular ones. So, if your damage isnt as much as another players with a Class Nine or Ten weapon, do not worry. This is just a substitute. if you want, use Skill Attack Power 26 Gems.
    • Step 2 (Sword of the Cataclysmic Fate/of the Amethyst Fire): This is when it comes to make your final weapon for the Fourth Promotion. If you have a Class Ten one, just skip this step to Step 3. With your Class Nine weapon, you got to be very careful. Although there seem to be some gems that are worth to fit in your sword, theyre not. So, if you want to have a sword like this, your minimum Gem should be a Skill Attack Power 27. So, if you want to successfully craft something at this point, you must have Skill Attack Power 27x4 on your Sword. Now, to the enhancement. This is where your abilities be tested. This sword IS meant to have at least [5]-[6] on it. One of these two levels should be enough. The Amethysts, it gets really simple. If you want to use Poison, get it to at least level 6. If not, you must use Fire. Fires level should be located at 4, minimum. It is recommended to have it at that level.
    • Step 3 (Sword of the Vengeful Adjudicator/of the Arcadian Dragon): If you want to build a weapon like this one... You must be stashed with a large amount of gold, so get ready! When it comes to the gems to be used, your minimum is certainly Skill Attack Power 28. Recommended: Use Skill Attack Power 29. It is the recommended here. So, about the Enhancements, it should be same as in Step 2, such as the amethysts. If you can, of course, get something above [6]!

    Fifth Promotion Weapon: You finally got to the extreme level in terms of promotions! This is where youll seek the perfect weapon. So, until youre not stashed with enough gold, keep your Fourth Promotion Weapon.
    • Step 1 (Class Eleven/Twelve Weapon): This weapon is the one youll use throughout your Fifth Promotion, until you get your final one. So, in terms of Skill Attack Power, 29 minimum should be used. Of course 30 is recommended, but 29 should be your minimum, in all four lines, of course. Now, for the enhancement you should have something around [6]-[7] minimum. If you can get something higher, its okay. But no lower than [6]. Concerning Amethysts, of course, use Fire. Level 6 minimum.
    • Step 2 (Class Thirteen Weapon): I dont think doubts can be taken in here =P So, this is where you should fully stash your money before advancing (minimum: 2 Billion Gold). You will want to use Skill Attack Power 30x4, get Fire 10 and [10] (I heard [12] exists, but Im not sure. If it does, its worth a challenge!). Now, I think theres no further explanation on this, since now you should get yours hands to work!

    It is time to talk about the gears and your armor.

    Level 10: Theres not much to be said here. In order to take minimal damage from level 10-20 Monsters, you should enhance your robe and bracers to [2], and your boots to [3]. It should be enough. Your boots to [3], since if it does fail, boots are the cheapest part of your gears.
    Level 15 (armor acquirement): This will be your first armor. So, in order to make it look bright, use Defense 2x2 and enhance it to [2]. This is the minimum requirement, so if you want to boost it further ahead, just go for it, if you have the means to.
    Level 20: At this point, you should start considering of enchanting your parts. So, the Robe should have Defense 2x4 [2]-[3]. Do your boots the same, and our bracers with [2]. This should be your minimal Requirement.
    Level 25 (armor acquirement): This armor is just a tad stronger than your level 15 one, so use Defense 3x2, alongside [2] ([3] if possible).
    Level 30: These gears will require a bit more of attention. So, for the robe, just do it [2]-[3] Defense 4, 3, 3, 3 Minimum. If you want, use one or two wind amethysts on it, so you can have a bit more of dodge (yeah, since it works with us swordsmen, and also, this is optional). About your bracers and boots, just go Defense 3x4, alongside [2] ([3] if you want them a tad stronger).
    Level 35 (armor acquirement): This is what I like to call an optional armor. This armor is not that useful in terms of defense here, so await for the level 45 one.
    Level 40: OK, you got your level 40. Now get ready to build some gears. Be sure that your robe has Defense 4x4, [3] in terms of enhancement (youll use this enhancement level until youre level 80, except on your robes). This was my level 40-49 robe, and it worked pretty well. Also, you should use like 4 Wind Amethysts on your robe. It wont hurt having a bit of dodge. ^^ Your bracers and boots should contain the same gems.
    Level 45 (armor acquirement): At this point, you should build a new armor definitely. So, your minimum requirements should be: [3] Defense 4x2.
    Level 50: Now, you should use a bit more of defense here. So, you should use [3] Defense 5x4 in your robe. Also, this is the time where you should start using Physical Energy as your Robe Amethyst. Use 2 for now. And about your gears, use the same composition as your robe, certainly.
    Level 55 (armor acquirement): Theres no big difference from this one to the 45-one, so use the same gems. Youll be given a bit more of defense, so no big deal here. (remember these are the minimum requirements).
    Level 60: At level 60, you should be able to use a tad more of defense. With this, I mean your robe should be stashed with [3] Defense 6x4 and Physical Energy 3. Relating your bracers, just make them [3] Defense 6, 6, 5, 5 or full Defense 6x4. Your boots the same, as usual.
    Level 65 (armor acquirement): This armor is simple to make. So make it [3] Defense 6x2.
    Level 70: About your level 70 robe, make it simple. [3]-[4] Defense 7, 7, 6, 6 Physical Energy 4 at least. Id recommend [3] Defense 7x4 Physical Energy 4, of course. Your bracers should be [3] Defense 6x4 at least. If not, make them [3] Defense 7, 7, 6, 6.
    Level 75 (armor acquirement): Your armor should be [4] Defense 7x2, so no big deal.
    Level 80: This where things get hard. Well, your robe should be [4]-[5] Defense 8x4, alongside Physical Energy at 5. If you want, you can start using Fire on your robes, so make it at least Fire 2 or 3 if you use them. Your bracers and boots should have [4] Defense 7x4 on them, as for minimal requirements.
    Level 85 (armor acquirement): Just upgrade a bit from your previous armor, [3]-[4] Defense 8x2.
    Level 90: These should be stashed big time. So, your robe, since youre a swordsman, you need defense at this point. Make it [5]-[6] Defense 9x4 Physical Energy 6, at least. It is recommended to use Fire on this one. Get it to Fire 3-4 if you do use Fire. Your bracers and boots should be stashed at [4] Defense 8x4.
    Level 95 (armor acquirement): This armor is a bit harsh to make... So, it should be at [4]-[5] Defense 9x2. Harsh Part = Getting it to [5]. =P
    Level 100: This is where all doubts begin to appear. Its not that hard to decide what to use here. So, my opinion is that Defense 10 is crucial here. So, try using [7]-[8]-[9] (yeah, its hard =/ But do consider you wont have Level 110/120 Robes) Defense 10x4 Fire 6-7-8. Try to make it higher. This will be just like the weapons, get it to max!
    Level 105 (armor acquirement): Once you reach level 105, there will be a new armor. This one will be stashed with Defense 10x2, of course, but with [7]-[8]-[9] as in enhancement, as said above.
    Still about the armors and gears, be careful when you enchant/enhance. Ask a housemate to help out with a House Costume + Costume = 8 at E/E, with Charms of Luck, or else youre struck.

    Additional Aspects

    Well, in addition to all this, you should make some more items to help you on your quest leveling. These should be the costumes, and the type of rings/earrings to use.

    Rings/Earrings/Necklace: Use your Rings to give you Accuracy at least. The best ones inside your range, that is. If you get to have other rings, be sure to Attack Damage ones, since those will help you. About Earrings, just use Health Ones. If you get Ability ones, be sure to only use them after you get Instant Reflex, as itll help you either at PvE and PvP. Relating the necklace, use some to boost your accuracy.

    First Promotion Costume: Theres not much to be said here. The costume you should use here is a Gold 10 one, since the mobs do drop low gold. And Swordsmen DO need gold if they want some good defense and attack.

    Second Promotion Costume: At this point, I recommend you to use a Life Drainer Costume. Although you wont have the ability until level 48 (if you followed the instructions above), itll help you on PvE at second promotion.

    Third and Fourth Promotion Costumes: Well, this ones obvious, right? XD You should use Instant Reflex of course. Itll boost up your skill damage as well as dodge.

    Fifth Promotion Costume: Use a costume with the new ability, of course. 100 Defense Ignore of your enemy is just Bomb...

    House Costumes: Be sure to have two house costumes - Life Drainer and Instant Reflex.

    Pet Usage: Mouse, obviously. Our health is too low, and extra health is always something to be worshiped.

    I guess thats all, if you have anything to say, just post below! Ive put my efforts on this, so dont go on wasting such Guide!

    Good luck on building your Swordsman, people! ^^

    ~NelspikeTX aka SwordBearer
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POSTING : 32 REPLY : 1,664

  • Posted: 2008-11-13 03:15:21
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • I see.


    How could someone who has not actually completed this guide make it?

    "Started as a nobody. Formerly the Legend. Now just a whisper. Always Benevalent"

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POSTING : 31 REPLY : 506

  • Posted: 2008-11-12 23:37:41
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • Ive seen this guide forum =P



    no Bene


    9x :]


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POSTING : 32 REPLY : 1,664

  • Posted: 2008-11-12 12:58:52
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • Oo

    Swordbearer? Did you make 100?

    "Started as a nobody. Formerly the Legend. Now just a whisper. Always Benevalent"

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  • Posted: 2008-11-12 08:25:32
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • I think u have got the Ability points wronge, as u use sword drift at lvl 1-60 and then when u r lvl 60 u start to use skills. So getting sword drift after lvl 60 is bad, as it will not help as u will use stills attacks more. The rest is kinder good, its just i would get sword drift more at the start after Sharpened Swords, well at least get it to 10 or more. If u have any more replys to my message plz let me know, as i may be wronge but i am sure thats how i did it and other swordsman would do it.

    Many thanks
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POSTING : 23 REPLY : 481

  • Posted: 2008-11-01 13:37:57
  • Post subject: [Guide..
  • Quote

    [6th Jan 2011 Nel <3] ~ I changed a thousand names, but in the core - I remained the same.

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  • Posted: 2008-10-30 16:31:36
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • Do not underestimate me =P
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POSTING : 28 REPLY : 303

  • Posted: 2008-10-30 11:42:12
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • o_o
    he even made a guide for the weapon O_o

    SwordyAngel Sword 8x (Active) Infernal *********** Spear 8x (Active) ********* Beware Angel can Be Evil

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  • Posted: 2010-01-30 20:52:14
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • Nice guide

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  • Posted: 2010-02-22 02:42:55
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • I cant understand the ki distribution...
    i will only train wind drift...
    no combat skill?

    Ign : BlitzNinja Lvl : 10 Class : Ninja Faction : Must be Order Looking For A Ninja Master Activity : All the time Server: Earth I I Really Need A Master To Guide Me :D BTW Im from Philippines

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  • Posted: 2010-12-29 16:11:05
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • Good guide. I think you should get Sword Drift as your third skill because it helps you with leveling ALOT as compared to other abilities. Oh well, my opinion. Keep up the work o:

    Mada Mada Dane.

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POSTING : 20 REPLY : 125

  • Posted: 2011-03-31 02:10:59
  • Post subject: [Guide..
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  • i would like to add, life drainer is dead useless at 2nd promo, sword drift from 48-58 should do. and after IR should be life drainer(even though its useless) lethal blow and flowing blade is another 2 useless ones which never should be added. from and after 111, save ur ability points for 115 ascension if its possible, cuz there is no need to add any points anymore.
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