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House War-Deathcore

How to Start Death core

When members move to the each faction point of Death core, the war starts right away.
Each faction members will fight at the center of the Guardian Ball.

Death core/Basic Info.

Minimum : 4 users , Maximum : 10 users
Basic score is “0” for each faction before the war starts.
(In case of being imprisoned the basic score will be“-1” / escaping from the prison the basic score will be “+1”
When you kill opponent and keep him in Guardian Ball, the faction of opponent loses his score“-1”
(In case you get disconnected in Death core map, and you can use Charm of Return to go out from the map nd you lose your score by“-1”.)
When attacking Guardian Ball NPC in front of the prison, the wall of prison will disappear for 10 sec, and all members can go out from the prison. (If the member succeed in escaping, “+1”will be added)
The time limit is 10 minutes, and if there is no enough member of each faction to fight, even if the time is left, battle will end.

Death core (How to contend for Victory)

The team will win in case more users are outside from the prison within the time limit of 10 minutes.
When all members are in the prison, even if running time is left, the winning team will be decided.
During House War, if all members of one faction get disconnected, other team will win.

Death core (How to contend for Victory)

Guardian Ball will be in the center of Death core map and Guardian Ball NPC will be in front of Guardian Ball.
If you get attacked by opponent and you get imprisoned, you can escape from prison by beating up the NPC “Guardian Ball”.
If you want to escape, your faction member has to attack the Guardian Ball for you to escape from the prison.
When Guardian Ball is attacked, the wall of prison will disappear for 10 seconds, and then (After 10 seconds), the wall of prison will be made again.

Guardian Ball

It is Guardian Ball placed in the center of Death core prison. When the ball is attacked, the wall of prison will disappear for 10 seconds.
Death core (End and Reward)
Death core Battle (End)

10mins is time limit and after the 10 mins, winner and loser will be chosen. Winning team will get reward and you will move to Market place automatically after getting reward

Death core / Reward

With Death core, the winning team members who are not in the prison will get honor (100).
The winning team will get deposit house honor (50), and opponent one too (50).
The winning team will get some game money except for commission for entering the House war (One Hundred Mil – Commission).
In that case the war ends in a tie, there is no special reward but the gold (fifty Mil – Commission (five Mil)) will be given to the House Master.
You will get some game money in that case if your house wins / the war is over in a tie / or the entering is canceled. (But, when you get the game money, it will be given to you depending on how much money you have already. total money will be less than 100bil.)