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What is Premium Shop?

This is where we offer our customers with higher quality items and services. We have prepared the Premium Shop to service the users who seek for better enjoyment of the game. We have prepared the Premium Shop to service the users who seek for better enjoyment of the game. The items and services we offer in the shop are only optional. If you ever wish to enjoy the game with more ease, please feel free to visit the Premium Shop.

  • You need nCash to use the Premium Shop. 1$ (USD) is equivalent to 1,000 nCash. 1$ = 1,000 nCash
  • If you wish to find out more about the nCash, Please click  here.

Opening the Premium Shop

You can open the Premium Shop by clicking on the Premium Shop Icon at the bottom of the screen.

Premium Shop Icon.


  • caution
    1. You may get attacked by monsters if you open the Premium Shop in the middle of the field. Be cautious of where you are before opening the Premium Shop.
  • Always check if you have enough space in your inventory before making a purchase.
  • inventoryinventory

Purchasing Items

You must have nCash (= Gift Cash) to make purchase. [ Click here to see how to recharge nCash. ]
You can read the item descriptions by clicking on the pictures or item names.
If you wish to make purchase, please click on the button at the bottom right of the screen.

  • purchase
  • "Success!!" means your transaction has been completed.
  • purchase
  • The purchased item can be found in your inventory when you come back from the Premium Shop Window. Depending on the type of item, some can be used from the shortcut key macro.

If error occurs while making a purchase, please refer to the 1:1 customer service team for help.

1:1 Customer InquiryWe will service our users with quality service. We will do our best to answer any possible questions, hackings, reports and in-game bugs.