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Game Client Download

Client DOWNLOAD Scoions of fate
Client patch DOWNLOAD Scoions of fate

Requirement of System

The game may not run properly If you computer does not meet the minimum spec.

Category Minimum Recommended
CPU Pentium3 800MHz Pentium4 1.4GHz
RAM 256MB 256MB
Nvidia TNT2 Nvidia Geforce 4 FX
MATROX Milenium G400  
HDD Spaces 1GB or more 4GB or more

Patch File Download

If automatic update does not work, you must download the latest version of the client patch file from the website manually.

Patch File

Microsoft DirectX Download

To enjoy The Legend of Ares, your computer requires the following.

Download Direct X * You must have DirectX 9.x or higher installed before starting.

Video Card (VGA) Driver Download

If you update the graphic driver to most current version, you may be able to enjoy the game in better quality. Please download after choosing the proper type of OS and Graphic Card.

Brand of Graphic card Window
ATI ATI Download
nVidia nVidia Geforce Download
S3 S3 Download
Matrox Matrox Download
Intel Intel Download
SIS SIS Download

Mainboard (Motherboard) Driver Download

Problems may occur if you don’t have mainboard drivers updated.

Brand of mainboard Window
nVidia nVidia Mainboard Driver Download
Intel Intel Mainboard Driver Download
SIS SIS Mainboard Driver Download