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Shortcut Keys

System Shortcut Keys
CTRL+U Invite to the Party CTRL+R Walk/Run
CTRL+T Trade CTRL+D Invite to the House
CTRL+C Meditation    
Action Keys
CTRL+E Inventory Window CTRL+F Skill Window
CTRL+S Character Status Window CTRL+Q Quest Window
CTRL+O Game Option Window CTRL+G House Window
CTRL+A Meditation CTRL+Z Guide Window
CTRL+U Messenger Window CTRL+X PVP Window
CTRL+Y Open a Personal Shop PRINT SCRREN Capture Screenshot
Chatting Mode Keys
ALT+N Convert to Normal Mode ALT+B Convert to Trade Mode
ALT+F Convert to Party Mode ALT+G Convert to House Mode
ALT+C Convert to Yell Mode ALT+W Convert to Whisper Mode
↑ Repeat the last line ALT+N Check the pervious
/Whisper ID Message Send a whisper to the target ID
/Trade ID Open a trade window with the target ID
/Invite ID Invite the target ID to the party
/Leave Leave the party which you belong
/Remove ID Removes the target ID character from the party, only available for the party leader
/Houseinvite ID House master invites the target ID into the house
/Houseapply HouseName Asking for a permission to get admitted into a house
/Houseleave Leave the house which you belong
/Houseremove ID Removes the character off of the house
/Registerinsignia Register insignia, only available for house master
/Escape Sends character off to town, or to the entrance of the dungeon after 5 minutes