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Essence Stones

Applying Essences
  • applying essences
    • his function allows you to apply the essence that is within an Amethyst to items. You may purchase essence stones (Amethyst) and apply essence from Tavern Clerk HwaLen in TaeHan. You are only able to apply essence to robes (defensive) and weapons.
    • In order to apply essence, visit Tavern Clerk HwaLen and select the Apply Essence option. The Apply Essence window and Inventory window will open. Drag & drop the item you wish to apply essence to, an Amethyst, and a Charm of Luck if you wish, into the appropriate slot within the Apply Essence window, then press Apply Essence. When you succeed, the item will appear in your inventory.
    • You may apply the same essence to an item up to 10 times, and the enhancement or enchantment status of the item does not affect the process. You may enhance or enchant items with essence as well. When you fail an attempt to apply essence, your enchantment and enhancement options remain, but your essence options will disappear as well as the Amethyst and Charm of Luck.
Types of Essences

There are 6 different types of essences that may be applied - Fire, Water, Wind, Inner Energy, Physical Energy, and Poison. Each may be applied to weapons or clothing (robes). Each essence displays different properties when applied to weapons or clothing.

Essence Effects
Fire Weapon Ignores 1% of opponent's Defense upon attack.
Robe Ignores 1% of opponent's Attack upon defense.
Water Weapon 0.5% chance of resetting the opponent's Rage gauge upon attack.
Robe 2% more rage received towards the Rage gauge upon defense.
Wind Weapon 1% increased accuracy upon attack.
Robe 1% increased dodge upon defense.
Inner Energy Weapon 0.5% increased skill attack damage (upon use of combat skills, opponent may receive internal injury).
Robe Skill defense increase by 8.
Physical Energy Weapon Additional Damage increases by 3 (upon regular attacks, opponent may receive physical injury).
Robe Defense increases by 3.
Poison Weapon Attack increases by 3 (upon regular attack or use of combat skills, opponent may become poisoned).
Robe Attacker may become poisoned upon use of regular or combat skill attacks.
Status effects that may arise due to Essences

When using weapons or clothing with essences applied to them, you may cause different status effects to your opponents while hunting or dueling.

Staus Description Effects
Internal Injury Injury to organs and inner energy For a period of time, skill damage is reduced and a set amount of health is lost each time a combat skill is used.
Broken Bone A bone is broken For a period of time, accuracy and damage is reduced.
Bleeding The character is bleeding For a period of time, the maximum health of a character is reduced.
Poison The character is poisoned For a period of time, the amount of health that is recovered is reduced.
Using the Charm of Essence Removal
  • Charm of Essence Removal
    • You cannot earn the personal reward if you continuously kill the same target.
      Regardless of how much damage you have done to your enemy, the person with the final attack earns the money ticket. Commander characters count as 200%.