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How to useEmoticons
  • How to use emoticons
    • Emoticons use facial expressions and actions to display different emotions. The 4 basic emoticons are "Smile", "Angry", "Sad", and "Laugh" and other emoticons may be purchased through NPCs.
    • You may purchase emoticons from NPC Limbo in Marketplace, and the purchased emoticons are moved to the character’s inventory window. There are 15 different emoticons that may be purchased and right-clicking the emoticon icon will move it to the emoticon list in the Action window.
    • You may use emoticons through your Actions window (Ctrl+A) and right-clicking the emoticon, using text commands, or registering it in the quick-slot for easy access.
    • emoticons
    • /huk /shy /hmm /scream / huh /hi /clap /cheer /beg /hurray
      /whatever /cry /zzz /tease /evil /smile /angry /sad /laugh