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House War-Battlegod Hall

Battle god Hall (Start)

Right after House member moves to Battle god Hall map (for each faction area), they will have 3 minutes to prepare for the war.
During preparing time, they cannot enter the battle map; they just have to wait in their faction area.
After 3 minutes, the gate of Battle god Hall will open.

Battle god Hall / Basic Information

Minimum : 8 users , Maximum : 24 users
Both factions will get 10,000 point before the war starts. During the battle, the method of addition and subtraction will be used for their score.
The time limit will be 20 minutes, and when a faction’s score becomes “0”, the war is over even if the time is left.

Battle god Hall / How to contend for Victory

There is a symbol at the center of the Battle god Hall, and you should stay there to win. If your team makes the score “0” first, you will win. (If one member stays the point for 10 sec, 10 point will decrease.)
If both teams don’t make a score of “0”, the team with the least score will win.
If both factions make their score “0” at the same time, it means the war ends in a tie.
During House War, if all members of one faction get disconnected then the other team will win.

NPC Battle Idol in Battle god Hall

Battle Idol NPC is placed at center of Battle god Hall map.
Battle Idol NPC shows range attacking skill.
Battle Idol attacks all participants inside of the circle.

Battle Idol

It is Battle Idol placed at center of Battle god Hall.
It attacks any faction member with range attacking.
Battle god Hall (End and Reward)
Battle god Hall (End)

The time limit is 20 minutes, and after winning team is decided, the team will get reward and be moved to Market Place.

Battle god Hall (Reward)

Winning team member will get 50 honors.
In case of winning team, they can get house honor deposited to enter House war, and even they can get other team’s house honor (50).
One hundred million (without commission) will be given to winning team. (The money which house master paid to enter the war.)
In case the war ends up in a tie, there is no special reward. Just House master will get his entry fee without commission (10%) (4,500,000,000).
You will get some game money in that case if your house wins / the war is over in a tie / or the entering is canceled. (But, when you get the game money, it will be given to you depending on how much money you have already. total money will be less than 100bil.)