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Preview system


You can get new item and learn new Ability and Skill with new promotion system!!

Preparation for Ascension

Condition of Ascension

Ascension LV Condition Quest Condition
Ascension 1 115Lv (+),
5차 Promotion (+)
1 Mil/ Ki 5,000,00
Ascension 2 120 Lv (+),
Ascension1 (+)
1 Mil/ Ki 5,000,00 / Sky Stone 50
Ascension 3 130Lv (+)
Ascension 2 (+)
1 Mil/ Ki 5,000,00 / Sky Stone 50
Ascension Quest
  • To take Ascension 1, go to Crescent Fairy in S.forest, and get the quest for Ascension 1. With the quest, kill Crescent Fairy monster to get secret book. And then give the book to Crescent Fairy.

    • You can join C.C.R again by clicking “JOIN C.C.R” in the map.
    • In that case already C.C.R is full, you cannot join it.
    Quest Title Faction NPC Quest Item
    Ascension 1- Crescent Fairy’s Secret Book All Crescent Fairy Crescent Fairy’s Secret Book
    Ascension 2 All Crescent Fairy Sky Stone 50
    Ascension 3
    Ceaseless endeavors
    All Crescent Fairy Morale Crystal 50
    Ascension 3
    All Crescent Fairy Morale Crystal 50
    Ascension 3
    All Crescent Fairy Medicine Case
    Ascension 3
    Small To be Big
    All Crescent Fairy Medicine 40
    Ascension 3
    Inexorable Vigor
    All Crescent Fairy Morale Crystal 30
    Ascension 3
    Progressive Day by Day
    All Crescent Fairy Morale Crystal 10
    Ascension 3
    Fly trying to bite a tortoise
    All Crescent Fairy Jackson‘s Sack
    Ascension 3
    the finishing stroke
    All Crescent Fairy Morale Crystal 10
    Ascension 3
    Kill Sango
    All Crescent Fairy -
    Ascension 3
    All Crescent Fairy Collect Sky Stone Medicine
    Ascension 3
    Sweet after bitter
    All Crescent Fairy Sky Stone 50
After Ascension

According Ascension Lv, you can get bonus Stats

  • After Ascension, your Int/Str/Vit/Dex will increase.
  • If more than 115lv user Take Ascension, the stat (you get with lv up) will be applied when taking Ascension. Also, according to the Ascension lv, character’s hair will be changed, and regardless of class and sex, your character will get effect around the character body.
  • There will be Ascension mark like the image.

After Ascension, How to Level Up? And about Sky Stone.

After Ascension, you can level up, and can get extra Int/Str/Vit/Dex and skill, and Ability.

  • If you are Ascension character, you get exp as Ascension Ki(%) while hunting.
    When you collect 100% ki, you get 1 Sky Stone.
    When you die, Exp and Ascension Ki will decrease.

When you take Ascension, the exp bar will change like the image. (You can check exp and Ascension Ki with it.)

  • To get Sky Stone, you need Ascension (fifty million)

* When doing Ascension, you can get sealed Sky Stone according to character lv.
  (No Trade. Only keep in Inventory)
* Sky stone is only for Skill Point.

Ascension (LV)
  • With Sky Stone and quest, you can take Ascension. (step by step)
  • As Ascension lv goes up, you need more Sky Stone.
  • In case of Ascension 2, you need to be on Ascension1 and 120 Lv (+)
    In case of Ascension 3, you need to be on Ascension2 and 130 Lv (+)
  • In case of Ascension 2 & 3, You need to complete quest from Crescent Fairy in S.Forest
  • When you want to take Ascension 2 & 3, you need Ki 5,000,00, 1 mil Gold, and 50 Sky Stones.
Skill & Ability
  • After Ascension, you can learn skill with only secret book which can be gotten from monster in Tiger Valley.
  • In case of Secret book, there are two kinds. (one is for class book, the other is Other class book. Ascension Character can learn every skill (even other class) if he has secret book.
  • In case of Ascension Skill, you can get it as quest reward when you take Ascension. There are 2 kinds of Skill ( Ascension / Normal ) You need Skill point which you can get from LV up and Sky Stone.
  • When using Sky Stone, you can get 1 skill point.
  • You can revise the Ascension skill with the item below.
Reset Ascension Skill By using it, every ascension skill will be initialized.
Sky Flower You can make any old Ascension Ability (one) initialized.
Cloud Sky Stone 1 Skill Point will be removed and you can get 1 sky stone.