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Preview system

With this system, you can check other user's level and item information.

How to use Preview system

To check other's information, you should call the system first.

Click the 2nd icon in the game window.

      • - After clicking it, you can use the Preview system.
        - You can use the system in the window immediately, or using it in the quick bar too.
      • - Select the character (other user) and click on the Preview system icon.
        - At the top of the window, you can check other's Lv, and their gears.
        - At the bottom of the window, you can check other's Ability state by clicking the button [Ability Preview System].
      • - Character Abilities will be appeared as shown in the screenshot beside.
        - You can check [Normal Ability] or [Ascension Ability] assortatively.
        - Also, you can check the ability point.(Not needed)
        - You can check user's definitive ability for accessory or costume.