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4th Grade House Quest [Apricot Labyrinth]

4th Grade House Quest [Apricot Labyrinth]

When entering ‘Apricot Labyrinth’, you can see yellow Crystal Balls. Once you click the Crystal Ball, you can check the condition of quest.

There are rooms like maze in [Apricot Labyrinth], and to pass this place, you need to kill monsters and collect 20 Slate Fragments. With the fragment, go to Green Crystal Ball.

You have to collect 20 slate fragments and go to Real Green Crystal Ball with the time limit (30 mins). If you complete it within 30 mins, you can take next step [Chamber of Sculptures].

* In case of Green Crystal Ball, it is moved to random area after some time. That is why house members should scatter and search it. If one member finds it, he should let other member know where the ball is. (When explaining, tell them how to get there from the starting point.

* Even if house member all can have slate fragments, finally house master has 20 fragments.

4th Grade House Quest [Chamber of Sculptures-Boss Room]

The final step for 4th grade house quest is [Chamber of Sculptures / Room].After you enter the room, you can meet [Samurai] [Ninja] and the final monster [Newland Warrior].

When killing the monster [Newland Warrior], you can get ‘Voucher of the King‘ as 4th house quest item. You may even get some chest items and stone items.

After completing the quest, go to the house promotion NPC to click [House Promotion]. Since [Voucher of the King] is removed, then the house grade is up to 4th.

* You need to get the Drop item from Newland Warrior within 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, all house members and master will be moved to C.Valley.

* When the house is promoted from 3rd to 4th grade, house master has to have not only [Voucher of the King] but also ki and game money.