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This is another function that allows you to craft items by strengthening them. This process  can be performed by the blacksmith NPCs.

  • Enhancement
    • For each enhancement attempt, items under level 10 are 5000 gold, level 10-20 are 10000 gold, and an additional 5000 gold for each time the item level increases by 10.
    • In case of the weapons, no rank will cost 5,000, C class 10,000, B class 20,000, A class 30,000, and AA class 40,000.
    • In order to enhance an item, you need an enhancement gem (Ruby). A regular (no enchantment options) item requires one ruby, an item with up to 2 enchantment options requires two rubies, and an item with 3 or more enchantment options requires 3 rubies. Weapons are guaranteed a 100% success rate for up to +2 Enhancement. Armors are guaranteed a 100% success rate for up to +1 Enhancement.
    • Attempting enhancement with a Charm of Luck increases your chances of a successful enhancement.
    • In order to perform an enhance, visit the blacksmith NPC and select the Enhancement option. The Enhancement window and Inventory window will open. Drag & drop the item you wish to enhance, rubies, and a Charm of Luck if you wish, into the appropriate slot within the Enhancement window, then press Enhance. When you succeed, the enhanced item will appear in your inventory.
    • When you fail an enhancement, you will lose the item and everything used in the attempt. Please keep this in mind and think carefully before making enhancement attempts.

You may enhance an item using Rubies

Item Level Fee Requirements
Below Level 10 5,000
Below Level 20 10,000
Below Level 30 15,000
Below Level 40 20,000
Below Level 50 25,000
Below Level 60 30,000
Below Level 70 35,000

Drag & drop the item into the item box in enchanting window (Essential)
Drag & drop Ruby into the enchanting stone box (Essential)
Drag & drop the Charm of Luck into the charm box (Optional)

Warning / The number of Rubies may vary depending on number of Enchantments./Enchantments/Lines 1 2 3 4 /Required Rubies 2 2 3 3 / - If you succeed in enhancing  Weapons increase by 6 and armors increase by 3 - If you fail in enhancing  Everything put into enhancing disappears. Even the dreams and hopes. - Nothing more about enhancement!  People usually think that enhancement is up to level 5, but it can be done up to level 10. However, success rate  get quite low from level 6.