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Preview system

Normal Ability

- In case of Ascension Character, they can learn other job’s 5 abilities with secret book.

Icon Name Effect Icon Name Effect
Improved Grip Best Att Increase Sharpened Swords Max Att Increase
Improved Armor Def Increase Herbal Medicines When using ginseng, healing rate increases.
Buddha's Blessing Max HP Increase Prescribed Medicine When using healing pill, healing rate increases.
Sword Drift Evasion Increase Sky Gale When attacked, att/def increase to 20 %. (only for healer.)
Ascension Skill

- With secret book, you can learn ascension skills.

Ascension 1 Ability
Icon Name Effect
(Swd) Inexorable Vigor When attacking monster, Unification of Body and Sword ability increases.
(Bld) Keeping Honest Mind When attacked from monster, def increases for 10 seconds with 10%. (Skill Att increases for 10 seconds with 30%)
(Spr) Radiating energy Def increases with 40%.(Only for Equipment Def)
(Bow) Radiating energy Tiger Straight Smash “3 shots” (multi) increase
(Hlr) Rambling Under Moon member rage increases to 5. (Def increases by 20% for 3 mins)
(Ninja) Crashworthiness It makes your damage decrease to 30%.
(Busker) Stealthy Merits Broken blow Sonic effect increases.
Ascension 2 Ability
Icon Name Effect
(Swd) Repetition Fury assault When pvping and using ascension skill 5 lv (+), if opponent avoids your attacking, next time the attack can be applied.
(Bld) Reposit Rage When hunting and using Reflection Wall, it returns back 2 times.
(Spr) Foul Life Power When using Ascension Skill 5 lv +, Radiating energy effect increases.
(Bow) Ultra Dan Power Def and Weight increase.
(Hlr) While Snake
When using Ascension Skill 5 lv +,final damage increases with 30%
(Ninja)Conversion stricken It makes your damage absorbed to Health (20%).
(Busker) Impulse Damage Sonic When attacked, it makes your damage decrease with fixed probability.
Ascension 3 Ability
Icon Name Effect
Skill Ear It gives you extra damage (30%).
Sudden Rebirthing When you almost die, it makes you alive with HP(10%)
Explosion Rage Extra Damage 50%
Vigor Arrow Even if you use arrow, the number of arrow doesn’t decrease.
With Supplement Impact, final damage is +60%.
Arousal Pain Rage If 5 bubbles are consumed all, you can get 2 more bubble with it.
Playing Style Ultrahigh Tune and Extremely Tune’ skill attack increase.