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Pet Status Window

When you use your mouse to open the pet status window and click the arrow an option window will open. By moving your mouse to the new window you will be able to select from the menu.

Pet Status Window

Pet Window

  • Pet Status
  • Hot Key : CTRL + W
    1. 01 Name Your pet’s name will be displayed here.
    2. 02 Armor Your pet’s class will be displayed here.
    3. 03 Accessories Your pet’s level will be displayed here.
    4. 04 Inventory Your pet’s loyalty is displayed here.
      (Details will displayed on mouse-over)
    5. 05 Health/chi/rage Your pet’s Health, Chi, and Rage are displayed here.
    6. 06 Basic Stats Your pet’s stats are displayed here
      (Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Dodge).
    7. 07 Favorite Food Your pet’s favorite food is displayed here.
      (Feeding your pet its favorite food will increase its loyalty & make them gain experience faster)
    8. 08 Nourishment Stat Displays information about your pet’s enchantments.


  • Pet Inventory
    1. 01 Cloths Place clothes for your pet in this slot.
    2. 02 Class Place armor for your pet in this slot.
    3. 03 Level Place accessories for your pet in this slot.
    4. 04 Loyalty Use these slots to store items.
    5. 05 Locked Slots These slots are locked until your pet reaches a higher level.
      (Once you level up your pet, these slots will open)
    6. 06 Weight The percent value of the max weight that can be carried by your pet.


  • Pet Skill Action
    1. 01 Skill Books Your pet's Skill books will be displayed in this section of the window.
    2. 02 Skill Your pet's Skill will be displayed in this section of the window.
    3. 03 Actions The range of actions available to your pet will appear in this section
      (These can be placed into the shortcut bar)
    4. 04 Ki Your character's Ki is displayed here.

Macro Bar

  • Macro Bar
  • Hot Key : CTRL + W
    1. 01 Movement Lock/Unlock Button
    2. 02 Horizontal/Vertical bar orientation Button
    3. 03 Close Button
    4. 04 This is the area where you place your shortcut keys you wish to access through the bar.
    5. 05 Auto-use button. (Only consumable items for health and chi, or Skill can be place into this section)
    6. 06 Pet AI Passive
    7. 07 Pet AI Defensive
    8. 08 Pet AI Aggressive
    9. The pet shortcut bar can be moved anywhere on the screen and its orientation can be changed from vertical to horizontal. The slots can be used by holding Shift and pressing down F1-F10. Unlike your character ' s shortcut bar, this bar has an Auto-Use feature that allows you to automatically use Skill or health/chi potions.
About the Shortcut Bar
Consumable Health Items :
When your pet’s health hits 50% it will automatically consume the potions in this slot. (Cooldown 8 Seconds)
Consumable Chi Items :
When your pet’s chi hits 50% it will automatically consume the potions in this slot. (Cooldown 8Seconds)
Pet Attack Skill :
Your pet will use the Skill once every 8 seconds.
Pet Support Skill :
Buffs will be reapplied after they expire and restoration Skill will be used in conjunction with the consumable health item above.
  • Auto is not available
  • Auto is turned OFF
  • Auto is ON