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Love Affection (Couple EXP)

The Couple System provides some benefits to all players who became a couple. These benefits increase as the love rank goes up and players can obtain love affection (Couple Experience) by gifting couple items or completing couple quests.

A Base Condition for Love Affection

  • - Maximum Love Affection that can be obtained each day : 1500
  • - Love Affection Reset Time : 12:00 AM

Couple Experience & Rank
You can check your partner’s character information, Love Rank & EXP, and whether he/she is connected or not through the couple window

Love Rank & EXP (L. exp - Love Experience)
  1. 1. There are 10 different ranks for Love Affection and higher Love experience gets you to a superior rank
  2. 2. If both members of the couple are connected in the same channel, 1 Love EXP will decrease every minute
  3. 3. Love EXP can be obtained by completing couple quests and giving each other gifts
  4. 4. The maximum Love EXP that you can obtain from completing couple quests each day is 1500
Love Rank L.EXP
Rank 10 605
Rank 9 1513
Rank 8 3025
Rank 7 5042
Rank 6 7203
Rank 5 10290
Rank 4 14700
Rank 3 21000
Rank 2 30000
Rank 1 35000
How to increase Love Affection

Give a Flower

  1. 1. Members of a couple can give a flower to their partner, and the person who received a flower will get some benefits depends on their Love Rank
  2. 2. Once the flower is accepted, Couple Experience will increase by 100
  3. 3. If the flower is rejected, Couple Experience will increase/decrease randomly from -10 to +1
  4. 4. If your Couple Experience already reached its maximum (1500), you won’t be able to obtain any Couple Experience even if you give a flower to your partner
  5. 5. Both couples have to be in the same channel and be close enough to give a flower
Items Condition Increase Amount
Red Rose/Pink Rose No party (1 person) 100 (Base=100)
Party of a couple (2 people) 200 (100 x 2 =200)
Normal party (more than 2 people) 180 (100 x 1.8=180)
Icon Items Effect Price Duration Sale NPC
Red Rose Increase 100 Couple EXP
Increase 7 Interest level
60,000 Gold 30 minutes Southern Forest MiHong
Market Place Limbo
Pink Rose Increase 100 Couple EXP
Increase 3 Interest level
50,000 Gold 30 minutes Southern Forest MiHong
Market Place Limbo
How to present the flower