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Relationship Couple

Couple System

Players can become a couple with other players in the game. They will receive certain benefits in the game if they are online at the same time. There is no special condition for becoming a couple other than the gender of the characters involved.

Couple Condition

The system can only be used by characters of different genders who are not currently in a couple relationship, and are not married. There is no restriction regarding rank or faction.


To become a couple, you need to find the person who you want to be with and confess your love. After the confession, you will become a couple if your confession is accepted. If it is rejected, the confession will fail. Players can confess their love using one of two ways.

Confessing by Command/Hotkey
  1. 1. Hotkey
    If you target the person who you want to date with and press [ALT+P], a love confession will be sent to your target.
  2. 2. Command
    If you type [/Confess Character], the love confession will be sent to your target.

Both characters have to be in the same channel and be near each other to proceed with the couple system.

Confessing by using Shortcut Icon
  1. 1. If you click on the "Confess" icon in the Social Action tab in the Action Window [CTRL+A], a love confession will be sent to your target.
  2. 2. Players can also drag the “Confess” icon from the Social Action tab and put it onto their skill bar to use.
Becoming a Couple

After the love confession, its success or failure purely depends on target who receives the love confession.
When you receive the love confession, you can choose to [Accept], [Ignore], or [Deny] the request.
However, there is no penalty for a failed love confession.

Confession Success (Target Accepted)
Confession Failure (Target Ignored or Denied)
Breakup Condition

If your couple’s character is no longer exists, there is no condition for an instant breakup.

Love Affection (Couple Experience)

Mutual Agreement(Instant Breakup)
If both couples are connected in the same channel, they can instantly depart from the relationship by using the [/depart] command. However, both characters have to agree to depart from the relationship. (Once the breakup process is done, all information and items related to the couple will be deleted).

Forced Breakup (Arrangement Procedure Required)
  • Even if your couple is in different channel or not even connected to the game, you can still request for a breakup procedure.
  • In this case, the procedure takes about a week, and you can still cancel the procedure during this period. You can cancel the breakup procedure through NPC Hugh. (Once the breakup procedure is done, all information & items related to the couple will be deleted).
Penalties After Breakup
  1. 1. Players cannot become a couple for 7 days after a forced breakup.
  2. 2. There is no penalty for Mutual Agreement.
  3. 3. All couple quests will be reset and the set of rings will be deleted once the breakup procedure is done.