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  • Crafing Outline
  • Crafting Skill
  • Crafting Material
  • Item Crafting System
Crafting Outline

Players can produce many different items from materials that monsters drop or NPCs sell.

Product kinds

There are 3 jobs: Blacksmith, Tailor, and Pyrocrafter. Anyone that has completed 2nd Promotion can learn crafting through these NPCs. But, only one job can be chosen, and it cannot be changed once you choose it.

Blacksmith (冶工) Blacksmith Can be learned from [Market Merchant] in Marketplace. You can produce many different items used for combat (weapons).
Tailor (鍼工) Tailor Can be learned from [Limbo] in Marketplace. You can produce many different items used for defense (armors).
Pyrocrafter (火工) Pyrocrafter Can be learned from [Market Merchant] in Marketplace. You can produce Amplification Pills.
Item Production System

If you’ve learned a job, you can open the crafting window by pressing CTRL+M or the icon indicated below. On the window, you can either produce, or craft items.

crafting window

On the Top of the Window, you can choose whether to make an item, or disassemble it.
    • item list
      • If you click craft, an item list will appear and show you what items you can currently make.
    • materials
      • Put your mouse cursor over the item you wish to make, and it will tell you the materials needed.
    • product
      • Drag the item to be made to the bottom item slots. You can also CTRL+Left mouse click. You can also add multiple products.
How to create an item
  • how to create an item
    • In the“Produce” window, you can break up items and create materials. Place breakable items to the window, or use CTRL+Left mouse click, and click OK to proceed.
The quality of end-product

The final product made from crafting are differentiated in 3 ranks, even if it’s the same item. So, products can be made better based on the level of the character that crafts. But, when making amplification pills, quality stays the same; only quantity differs.

Quality changes / Produce Item → Probability(by experience) → Normal Item Good Item Luxury Item

Distinction by quality
Distinction Weapon Item Defensive item Amplification Pill
Normal Same Same Skill Attack +20%
(HP decrease based on the amount of Attack increased)
Good Basic Attack+5% Basic Defense+10%
Luxury Basic Attack+8% BasicDefense+15%
Distinction of weapons quality
Weapon Type Attack Example
Normal Weapon Basic Attack Same Minimum Attack: 100
Maximum Attack: 200
Good Weapon Basic Attack+5% Minimum Attack: 105
Maximum Attack: 210
Luxury Weapon Basic Attack+8% Minimum Attack: 108
Maximum Attack: 216
Distinction of Defensive items by quality
Defensive item Type Defense Example
Normal Defensive item Basic Defense Same Defense: 100
Good Defensive item Basic Defense+10% Defense: 110
Luxury Defensive item Basic Defense+15% Defense: 115