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LMS System

LMS Outline

LMS is one of the PVPs like users have a game until there is one survivor. If you are the last survivor, you have a choice to fight with boss monster.

LMS Processing Time

LMS will be conducted every day, and on Sat, users have a match by promotion grade. You can move to LMS through NPC 10 minutes before. On Normal(PVP) Channel only, there is LMS.

Start Sun-Fri SAT Amplification Pill
19:00 - All 3rd promotion group
20:00 - All 4th promotion group
21:00 - All 5th promotion group
22:00 Each Promotion Grade All 1st Ascension Group
23:00 - All 2nd Ascension Group
Rules of LMS

There are some rules of LMS.
- After entering LMS, every character appearance looks alike.
- In LMS, you cannot use specific items.
*In LMS You can use the items gotten from the monster during the tournament.
- After entering LMS, you will not be able to equip or UN-equip the items.
- You will not be able to communicate with others through chat or pigeon system.
- Your HP and Chi (healing ability) will increase to 300%.

LMS / Process

LMS is composed of 4 rooms and 3 rounds.

1 Round (Limited Time 5 Mins).

You can have tournament/PVP with others in each same room of 1, 2, 3, and 4 area.

2 Round (Limited Time 5 Mins).

After 1st round is over, you can enter A door, having PVP again with survivors.

3 Round (Limited Time 5 Mins).

After 2nd round is over, you can enter b door, having PVP with survivors.
With 3rd round, a final winner (LMS) will be decided.

Boss Monster Mode

The final winner can choose whether he will challenge the fight with Boss Monster [DevilSky] or just get reward item.
If you win at Boss Monster Mode, you can get better reward, but if you lose, you will not get any reward.
When you fight with [DevilSky], Devil sky enters the LMS stadium with his alter egos.
As there is only one real DevilSKy, you have to beat real one within 3 mins.

LMS (Special thing)

In LMS, there is special area. If you go to the area (when the area is active), you can get some effect of the area.

      • - Teleport: You can move to somewhere randomly.
        - Hide: For 20 seconds, you can hide yourself. But, if you defeat someone, this effect will be removed.
        - Recovery: HP is recovered to 4000.
        - Range: Range attack is applied to random area.
        - Immortal: with the effect time, you can be in the specific area.
  • Item Only for LMS

    LMS item is dropped in LMS stadium or monster randomly

    Image Name Object Effect Time
    Gold Orb Oneself Att 100% increase 60 seconds
    Oneself Att 50% increase 60 seconds
    Oneself def100% increase 60 seconds
    Oneself def50% increase 60 seconds
    Oneself Immortal 10 seconds 10 seconds
    Oneself Accuracy100% increase 60 seconds
    Red Orb Other Att 30% Decrease 30 seconds
    Other Att 60% Decrease 30 seconds
    Other def50% Decrease 30 seconds
    Other Dodge Rate 100% Decrease 30 seconds
    Other Forbidden Movement 7 seconds 7 seconds
    Other Forbidden Movement 5 seconds 5 seconds
    Other Delete 10 buff Randomly immediately
    Blue Bottle Oneself Chi 2000 Recovery immediately
    Red Bottle Oneself HP 4000 Recovery immediately
    LMS Rewards

    According user's promotion grade and the round, every participant can get reward
    The less promotion grade user can get much more game money. The higher grade players can get much more honor.

      Reward for Survivor Reward for Survivor
    Honor Game money (Unit : 10,000) Honor Game money (Unit : 10,000)
    3 Promotion 30 1500 100 5000
    4 Promotion 50 1000 200 4000
    5 Promotion 80 800 300 3000
    Ascension 1 100 500 400 2000
    Ascension 2 150 300 500 1000
    Reward% will be changed according to the number of participants.
    Participant Reward %
    1 ~ 5 Players + 0%
    6 ~ 10 Players + 10%
    11 ~ 30 Players + 25%
    31 ~ 50 Players + 50%
    51 Players + 100%
    As LMS is over, participant can get reward buff +%.
    Image Name Effect Processing Time
    Buff for Survivor Exp + 10% 240 Mins
    Buff for Winner Exp + 20%
    According to the scoring, you can get the token of SoF warrior.
    Score Number  
    all Participant 2 Tokens
    1round One Defeat, 1 Token
    2round 1 token
    2round Clear 1 token

    * You cannot get the token by defeating NPC 'Opponent.'
    * After LMS is over, you can do Soul Jung Hyun's quest "Condition of True Warrior"