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Battle Arena


The Battle Arena is a place where players can enjoy PvP without being restricted by faction.

You may teleport to the Battle Arena by teleporting to UnHwa Exchange through Banker Don in TaeHan, then through SaChe to teleport to the Battle Arena.

You may enter the Open Battle Arena or Class Battle Arena. Any player of any level may enter the Open Battle Arena, whereas the Class Battle Arena is separated by your class (promotion level).

Battle Arena related NPCs
    • Jarlath
      • When teleported to UnHwa Exchange through Banker Don in TaeHan, you are placed near SaChe.
        When you wish to enter the Battle Arena, click on the SaChe NPC and select between the Open Battle Arena and Class Battle Arena.
    • Arena Guide
      • When teleported to the Battle Arena, you are placed near the Battle Arena Guide. You may teleport back to UnHwa Exchange through the guide or access your storage.
    • Referee
      • The Referee is placed near the central arena and you may purchase healing salves and ginseng from him.
Using the Battle Arena

Upon death due to PvP, your character revives upon the central arena, and you may not PvP anywhere besides the central arena.

Upon death, penalties such as loss of experience, item drops, or use of Ring of Mortality do not apply. There are no penalties so you may freely battle other players.

You may not open personal shop within the Battle Arena and when you close the program within the Battle Arena, you will spawn in town when you next connect.