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Cave of Supreme Evil

Cave of Supreme Evil / Outline

It is the easiest dungeon composed of 1 field and 2 rooms.

Cave of Supreme Evil / Condition for Entering

Players can enter only if they are in party with the minimum of two players.
More than 4th promotion & 80 lv.

Cave of Supreme Evil / How to Enter
3 Round (Limited Time 5 Mins).

Through [Sailor Sparrow] in C.valley, you can move to Cave of Supreme Evil.

Through ‘Gumby’, you can enter 1st floor of Cave of Supreme Evil.
      • - You can meet 'Gumby' through Sailor Sparrow.
        - Through 'Gumby', you can enter 1st floor of Cave of Supreme Evil. (Repeated info)
Cave of Supreme Evil *How to progress

- While you do the 1st floor of Cave of Supreme Evil, there is a locked door.
- After killing monster based on condition, the door will open

Cave of Supreme Evil (Locked Door) Cave of Supreme Evil (Door Open)

- As you enter at the door, you can meet the 1st boss monster [Spirit of the Dead].
- you can move to 2nd door after killing 1st monster [Spirit of the Dead].

  Name Area of Apperance LV Tendency
Spirit of the Dead Cave of Supreme Evil 110 Preemptive Strike
Explanation The monster of Crazy Evil Cult, 1st monster [Cave of Supreme Evil]

- Like 1st door, 2nd door is also locked. With condition, you can enter the 2nd door by killing the monster.
- As entering at 2nd door, you can kill 2nd boss monster [Crazy Evil Cult].

  Name Area of Apperance LV Tendency
Crazy Evil Cult Cave of Supreme Evil 110 Preemptive Strike
Explanation It is Crazy Evil Cult, governing Cave of Supreme Evil.

- There are 2 levels of difficulty for Cave of Supreme Evil.
- For Each Lv, a user gets different stat like possibility of drop item, Ki, exp, game money and so on.

  LV Entering Limited Entering (lv) Limited Entering (Promotion) Level Reward (%) Special Reward
Cave of Supreme Evil 1 O 80~114 4~5 90% 100% -
2 O 115~ Ascension1 ~ 150% 150% 2 Treasure of Crazy Evil Cult

As you complete the quest, you can get reward based on your level.

Level Honor(Normal) Honor(best luck)
1 25 25
2 50 75

Boss Monster [Spirit of the Dead] and [Crazy Evil Cult] drops like this.

Set Item

- If you wear more than 2 set items, you can get extra effect more.
- Limit wearing is more than 80lv, M/F & Order/Chaos.
- Set item's effect can accumulate.

Class 2 Set Effect 3 Set Effect 4 Set Effect 5 Set Effect
Blade[Mighty Emperor] Def+20 Improved Grip +2 All ability +1 Hidden Aftermath +2
Sword[Swordmaster] Def+10
Dodge Rate +20
Sharpened Swords +2 All ability +1 Auroral Sword +2
Spear[Ancestral Spirits] Att +10
Improved Armor +2 All ability +1 Howl of Rage +2
Bow[Black Tortoise] Def+10
Acc +20
Hawk's Eye +2 All ability +1 Blessed Arrows +2
Healer[Blue Dragon] HP+100
Blood Circulation +2 All ability +1 Accountant +2
Ninja[Arang] Def+10
Acc +20
Rage Link +2 All ability +1 Damage Return +2
Quest Item.

- [Crazy Evil Cult] drops [Treasure of Crazy Evil Cult] to complete [Cave of Supreme Evil Quest].
- The 2nd monster [Crazy Evil Cult] drops [Treasure of Crazy Evil Cult]

Quest Title.
      • - Title: Searching for Cave of Supreme Evil
        - LV: More than 80LV
        - Promotion: More than 4th
        - Required Item: 2 [Treasure of Crazy Evil Cult]
        - Reward: Honor50, Exp 1,000,000