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 Northern Ice Palace

Northern Ice Palace. Outline

'Northern Ice Palace, Ice Citadel, Ice Fortress' / Instance Dungeon

Northern Ice Palace / Condition for Entering

To enter Northern Ice Palace, after completing Quest [OkSung] & [Ice Place Spearman], bring team-members.
For the first time you need to complete the quest to enter in to the ice palace. However, from the second time you can enter by paying 500000 Gold.
In case of Northern Ice Palace, there is only instance dungeon for first lv.(Doubt)

Northern Ice Palace / How to Progress
3 Round (Limited Time 5 Mins).

- [OkSung] is the drill sergeant in Northern Ice Palace. But he runs to danger now. He needs someone's help!!
- [OkSung] appears every 3 mins in different area randomly. To enter Northern Ice Palace, you should do the quest [Warrior Sung's Request].

[OkSung ] NPC Point that OkSung appears [OkSung ] NPC
 Ice Place Spearman Quest

- After getting [OkSung]'s quest, go to 'Ice Place Spearman to get other quest.
- If you complete Ice Place Spearman quest, you can get one condition to enter Ice Palace.
- The quest title is [Tempting Guard Silver]

[Ice Place Spearman] NPC [Picking Up Ice Place Spearman ]Quest
  •  Looking for Code to enter Ice Citadel
      • - After completing [Tempting Guard Silver] Quest, you find the code to enter Ice Citadel.
        - While you kill monster inside, you can get some baseball written number. Combine the numbers and go to [Ice Citadel Guard Min]
        - [Ice Citadel Guard Min] will give you some hint. You have only 10 chances to get succeed with it.
        -  If you cannot succeed within 10 times (chances), you will be moved to Fake WooHun. .
Moving to Ice Fortress

- If you succeed in [Ice Citadel Guard Min] code quest, you can go to HooHun to get [Key of Ice Fortress].

[WooHun]NPC [Door of Ice Castle]
Inside of Ice Fortress

- You can get warp-gate to meet Boss Monster 'MinChun' after killing monster inside Ice Fortress. You have to kill MinChun within the time limit and then bring [Ice Castle Medicine] to [OkSung].
- [Ice Castle Medicine] will be removed automatically if character dies, moves to somewhere abnormally, or get disconnected.

 Basic Reward

- You can get 200 honor when you go to [OkSung] with [Ice Castle Medicine] within the time limit.
- When you use Master best luck, you can get extra 100 honor.

 Northern Spirit Weapon

- The Period Weapon will be gotten to user who completes Northern Ice Palace Quest for the first time.
- You can try to enhance item, but not be able to combine or enchant or do essence.
- Premium items like 'Fluoride Enhance Charm 'or 'Garnet Enhance Charm' will not be able to use when enhancing this weapon.

Northern Spirit Weapon
Limited Period Item (7 days)
+8 Enhancement, Skill Att + 140% all abilities + 3, Exp + 50%, Fire 10 lv