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Monster in T.Valley Basement-Maze

Monster in T.Valley Basement-Maze (Essence)

Monster in T.Valley Basement-Maze has 4 kinds of essence.(Water/Fire) (Wind/Toxic)
If the essence of your weapon matches monster’s essence, you can make the monster get 100% damage.
Also, you can give your weapon some essence by using Pill of Fire Attack, Pill of water Attack, Pill of Wind properties Attack and Pill of Poison Attack temporarily.

Monster in T.Valley Basement-Maze (Type)
Incantation Type
  • - It is that when monster makes an incantation, you need to make the monster stop doing.
  • - You can stop the monster’s incantation by using Ascension single skill.
  • - You can check the gage of monster’s incantation, and which skill you should use.
  • - If you cannot stop it, some damage and piled DeBuff will be given to you.

Summon Type
  • - One monster can summon other monster near him.
  • - While the monster is showing summoning action, if the summoned monster is not killed, some special monster will come there.

Range Attacking Type
  • - It is that you can attack with target Wide Skill..
  • - Wild Skill Damage will not be influenced by character’s def. According to the number of character who gets skill attack, damage will be divided.
  • - When monster tries to use wide skill, and all character avoid the attack, the monster’s HP will be recovered.
Kill Two Monsters ATST.
  • - It is that you have to kill 2 monsters at the same time.
  • - You need to kill both monsters at the same item. If you kill one monster, the time limit in which you have to kill monster will be shown. If you cannot kill the other monster, the monster which is already killed will respawn again with fill HP.