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Collecting & Production


‘Collect’ is a system where you can go around in Scions of Fate fields and collect the poisonous plants, herbs, and mushrooms. The items that are collectable do not have individual gain. Through the town NPC the collectables can be manufactured to make buff/debuff items.

    • shovel
      • If you point the mouse on the plant, the curser will change into a shovel.
    • start collecting
      • When the mouse curser changes into a shovel, you can double click it to start collecting.
  • Collectable plant species

    collectable plant species

Collection Difficulties

Depending on the degree of difficulty when the plant is being collected it could succeed or fail. When the degree of difficulty is low, the percentage of succeeding increases.

Degree of Difficulty Herb Poisonous Plant
1 Aspratus Laeve, Muscaria
2 Multflorus, Prostrata, Linteus Amurense, Stipticus
3 Dasycarpus, Sibiricus Indicum, Frog Poison
4 S.Forest Keiskei, Alba Snake Poison, Koreanum

By producing the player can collect and produce different medicines and poisons during hunting and PK. The medicine or poison produced could be used as an antidote from battling a monster. It can also be used against players during PK.

  • recipe
    • 01 Out of the four tabs, find the tab with the item you want to produce.
    • 02 To produce the item select the item.
    • 03 The materials needed to produce the item are displayed. The material missing will appear grayed out and deactivated.
    • 04 By pressing the + and – button select the item amount wanted.
      Up to 99 items can be produced at one time.
      If there aren’t enough materials to produce the item even though you press the + button the amount willing to produce will not go up.
    • 05 Press the OK button and check for the Success/Fail message.
Matters to attend when producing
  1. To produce each material must have the same amount available.
  2. When producing you can produce more than one but depending on the level difficulty Fail/Success could vary.
  3. The material used to produce medicine will be used whether it succeeds or fails.
  4. It is affected by the healer’s “Alchemist” ability, which increases success rate of making medicine.
Produce Item Variety
Item Classification Effects
Healing Type Attack decrease restoration, Defense decrease restoration, Poison Restoration, Chi Poison Restoration, Silence Restoration, Paralysis(immobility)Restoration, HP Decrease Restoration, Chi Decrease Restoration, HP Restoration, Chi Restoration
Buff Type HP +Medicine Effects, Chi +Medicine Effects, HP,Chi Potion effect *Medicine Effects
De-buff Type HP decrease, Attack Decrease, Defense Decrease, Chi Poison -Medicine Effects, Poison-Medicine Effects, Paralysis(immobility), Restoration potion effect Decrease

* Buff type item’s maximum overlap time is 10 minutes.
* Debuff type item has cool down time.