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5th Grade House Quest [The Spiral Circle]

5th Grade House Quest [The Spiral Circle]

[The Spiral Circle for 5th grade] is kind of maze, and more complicated than [Apricot Labyrinth for 4th grade]. You need to find exit by opening closed door for each room. There are same gatekeepers for each door, but only one gatekeeper is real. You need to find the real one to take the next step.

[The Spiral Circle] is made of 5 rooms, and you will take different condition (Bloolie Internal Injury / Despair / Anxiety / Internal Damage) for 4 rooms except for first room.

You can get potion which clears the strange condition by answering the quiz through Julie for each room.

You can take next step by killing real gatekeeper amidst fake keepers.

If you clear 4 doors, you can find green Crystal Ball, and click the ball to get final step of 5th grade house quest [Saho's Palace].

* By clicking Julie NPC stationed at each door, he will give a quiz to all house members at the same time. According to the number of users who answer the quiz, he will drop the potion clearing the strange condition.

* When clearing the real gatekeeper, game message will come out to let you know that you have cleared the real one. And then, you can attack the door to take next step.

5th grade house promotion quest [Saho's Palace]

When you take the final step of 5th quest, you meet [Phantom Warrior], [Phantom Warrior] and last boss [Pirate Captain Sa-Ho] monster.

After you kill Pirate Captain Sa-Ho, You will get ‘Voucher of the King’ as 5th house quest item. You may also get some chest item and stone item.

Only house master can get the quest item [Voucher of the King], and if he cannot get the item, the house cannot be promoted.  

After completing the quest, go to house promotion NPC to click House Promotion. Since [Voucher of the King] is removed, the house grade is up to 5th.

* You need to get the Drop item from Pirate Captain Sa-Ho within 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, all house members and master will be moved to C. Valley

* When the house is promoted from 4th to 5thgrade, house master has to have not only [Voucher of the King] but also ki and game money.