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Souled Staged

Souled Staged Item

The system is to give an extra option to weapon with Souled Stone.

    • You need to do ‘Souled Stage’ with Low Souled Stone (Craft) before using Chi-Bo.
    • You can do ‘Souled Stage’ to +5 maximum and the rate of success is different depending on each stage.
    • When you succeed in “Souled Stage” for weapon, 8 attack rate increases for each ‘Souled Stage’. And, in case of Costume, 5 Defense increases for each ‘Souled Stage’.
    • If you fail in ‘Souled Stage’, you lose Low Souled Stone (Craft) only.
    • The rate of success will increase if you use charm of luck.
Low Souled Stone (Craft)

In case of ‘Souled Stage’ you need to use Low Souled Stone (Craft) and you can collect monster’s Souled to the stone. (Hunt monster to collect their Souled.)

How to Proceed ‘Souled Stage’

  1. When you use Low Souled Stone (Craft) or Natural Low Grade Souled Stone, the window of Souled Stage comes up.
  2. After putting weapon or costume which you want to do ‘Souled Stage’, click the ‘OK or Complete’ button.
  3. If you succeed in Souled Stage, you can check the grade.