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Basement-Maze in T.Valley

Outline of Basement-Maze in T.Valley

It is the highest lv instance dungeon for SOF now. You can enter through outhouse in T.Valley.

Basement-Maze in T.Valley (Condition to Join)

Only more than 115 lv user who completed ascension 1 can enter.
In Basement-Maze in T.Valley, there is dungeon step in Basement-Maze. If you clear 2nd step with specific condition, you can challenge Hidden Boss [Echidna].

LV ENTER LIMITED LV Promotion LV of Difficulty Reward %
Basement-Maze 1 O 115~ ASC. Step1~ 50% 50%
2 O 115~ ASC. Step1~ 100% 100%
How to enter Basement-Maze in T.Valley
Move to [Sailor Sparrow]

Through [Sailor Sparrow] in Southern C.valley, you can move to dock in T.Valley.
Move to T.Valley Dock, and then go to T. Valley
Through [Canziyun] in outhouse in T.Valley, you can move to Safe zone in Basement Maze.

Go to Safe zone in Basement-Maze through [Canziyun]NPC

Through [Canziyun] NPC, you can enter to safe zone in Basement Maze.
In the area, you can make party and open shop and so on.

How to proceed Basement-Maze in T.Valley
Nine Treasure Labyrinth

Nine Treasure Labyrinth is made up with 9 areas. You can enter safe zone with Nine Treasure Labyrinth.
In Nine Treasure Labyrinth, you can see that your ability goes down due to magic.

DeBuff Name S C I O N
Effect Att Decrease Def Decrease Skill Att Decrease Accuracy Decrease Max HP Decrease
DeBuff Name F A T E
Effect Max Chi Decrease Dodge Rate Decrease Chi Decrease consistently HP Decrease consistently

Also, when you move to different Nine Treasure Labyrinth, you will be moved at random.
You can move to Inside Sanctuary after completing to make [Basement-Maze Limitations Sanctuary Charm ]

Basement-Maze Limitations Sanctuary Charm

  • - You can make Limitations Sanctuary Charm by getting from [Low Zombie Man (Medicine)], [Illusion Necromancer] and [Illusion assassin] and then go to The Eight Trigrams Old Man].
    The Zombie will drop [Blood of Zombie Man], [Phantom Clan’s Charm Paper], [Phantom Clan’s Charm Ink]
  • - With the quest [Other way to make Limitations Sanctuary Charm], you can get Limitations Sanctuary Charm once a day 1.
Inside Sanctuary

After making [Basement-Maze Limitations Sanctuary Charm] with Eight Old Man, you can enter Inside Sanctuary through Engine. The place is for Phantom Clan.
In Inside Sanctuary, there are 3 areas. The first is made up with 1~4 parts, and 2nd area is made up with 5 and 6 parts. Last, Hidden area is made up with 7 part.
When you meet condition of Inside Sanctuary, you can move to the area.
You cannot stay at Inside Sanctuary for more than 2 hours.
To enter Inside Sanctuary, you need [D.point 45]& [1 Basement-Maze Limitations Sanctuary Charm ]
[Elder MunHyun] &  [Autocrat of Death] appear in the 2nd area of Inside Sanctuary
You need special skill to kill boss in Inside Sanctuary.
You can enter the 3rd hidden area by clearing Inside Sanctuary with special condition.

Name Place LV Characteristic
Elder MunHyun T.Valley
155 Preemptive Strike
Explanation Elder of Phantom Clan (Boss Monster)
Name Place LV Characteristic
Autocrat of Death T.Valley
150 Preemptive Strike
Explanation Elder of Phantom Clan (Boss Monster)

You can get material to make 120
Weapon by beating up Boss of Inside Sanctuary [Elder MunHyun] [Autocrat of Death].
You can get some honors by clearing Basement-Maze.

Step Honor Given (Normal) Honor Given (Using GSC)
Step1 450 675
Step2 650 975