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This function allows you to enchant weapons and defensive equipment with options embedded on certain gems in order to create stronger items. This process can be performed by the blacksmith NPCs.

  • Enchanting
    • In order to perform an enchant, visit the blacksmith NPC and select the Enchantment option. The Enchantment window and Inventory window will open. Drag & drop the item you wish to enchant, the appropriate gem, and a Charm of Luck if you wish, into the appropriate slot within the Enchantment window, then press Enchant. When you succeed, the enchanted item will appear in your inventory.
    • An item can be enchanted up to 4 times, meaning up to 4 options. Enhanced item cannot be enchanted.
    • Armor can be enchanted up to 2 times, and accessories may not be enchanted.
    • Enchantment can fail and the use of a Charm of Luck increases the chances of successful enchantment.
    • When an enchantment fails, only the item is recovered while the gem and charm of luck (if used) is lost.

Enchanting in Scions of Fate is transferring the option on the stones onto the either weapon or armors.
For weapons, we use sapphires, and as for armors, we use emeralds. You can enchant an item so it would have up to 4 options and we call each successive options, lines.

Type Fee
Regular 5,000
C 10,000
B 20,000
A 30,000
AA 30,000
Lines Fee
10 5,000
20 10,000 Gold
30 15,000 Gold
40 20,000 Gold
50 25,000 Gold
60 30,000 Gold
70 35,000 Gold
80 40,000 Gold
90 45,000 Gold
How to Enchant an Item

Drag & drop the item into the item box in enchanting window (Essential)
Drag & drop either Sapphire or Emerald into the enchanting stone box (Essential)
Drag & drop the Charm of Luck into the charm box (Optional)

Warning / Item cannot be enchanted if has been enhanced. - If you succeed in enchanting
	  option that was on the enchanting stone will get transferred onto the item - If you fail in enchanting  item will remain, but stones and charms will disappear

Types of Enchanting Stones
Sapphire Type Fee
Attack Power 1~15
Accuracy 1~10
Health 5~50
Chi 5~50
Inc. All Abilities 1~2
Skill Attack Power 1~25
Added Damage 1~20
High Quality Sapphire Type Ability
Attack Power 5~20
Accuracy 5~15
Skill Attack 15~30
Added Damage 10~25
High Quality Emerald Type Increase
Defense 3~10
Dodge 5~15
Skill Defense 20~80
Combination of Emerald

You can combine the 4 of same type (Emeralds/Sapphires) from HwaLen at TaeHan to create 1. It will cost you 50,000 gold.

Warning / - Citrine does not apply. - Ruby cannot be combined. - Emeralds cannot be combined with Sapphires. - Turnout option is random. It may be lesser of option than what went into it.

Enchanting Citrine
  • - Citrine stone can only be used to enchant the costumes.
  • - System is same as that of enchantment.
  • - A costume may have up to 4 lines, but I cannot be enhanced.
  • - 5,000 gold per attempt
Citrince Type Ability
Bladesman Preciseness, Flowing Blade, Lethal Blow, Burning Wrath, Armor Crush, Point Piercing, Hidden Aftermath, Iron Skin.
Swordsman Sword Drift, Flowing Blade, Lethal Blow, Burning Wrath, Life Drainer, Instant Reflex, Auroral Sword, Tiger's Rage.
Spearman mproved Armor, Flowing Blade, Lethal Blow, Burning Wrath, Buddha's Blessing, Chi Explosion, Guardian Spirit, Howl of Rage, Cyclone Wall.
Healer Herbal Medicine, Chi Conservation, Flow of Chi, Healing Touch, Concentrated Chi, Life Span, Accountant, Bluewind.
Bowman Lethal Blow, Burning Wrath, Hawk's Eye, Eagle's Flight, Vulnerable Point, Aerial Harmony.
1% increase in Enchantment, Enhancement rate/10% increase in gold obtainment/5% decrease in exp loss from dying.