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House Promotion Quest

House Promotion Quest

To take quest of House Promotion, you need to promote to 3rd grade by clicking House Promotion. While you make the grade up to 3rd, house master’s game and ki will be consumed.
- Chaos House Promotion NPC : Devas Sook of Chaos (House Promotion / Moving to House Quest NPC)
- Order House Promotion NPC: Elder Joe of Order (House Promotion / Moving to House Quest NPC)

When House grade reaches 3rd grade, your house can be promoted to 4th grade with 4th House Promotion Quest.

In case of the promotion for more than 4th grade, you can do it with NPC in Marketplace of C. Valley.
- Order Referee NPC: You can use ‘Warp movement” through Elder Joe.
- Chaos Referee NPC: You can use ‘Warp movement” through Devas Sook.

You can choose the house member who will join by opening House Window [Ctrl+G] in C. Valley through Order/ Chaos Referee NPC (But, You can select the member who is online already in C. Valley)
If you don’t choose the house member, you can do the quest alone.

After choosing house member who will do the house quest, click the Order/ Chaos Referee NPC. And then click the button “Join House Quest”. House master and House members will be moved to the quest Map.

Participation of House Promotion Quest

16 House members can participate maximally, and before entering, open the House Window to check your house members who will join.

While the quest is going, if house master is killed, all house members will be moved to town.

10 houses can participate the quest maximally, and if the 10 rooms are full, you cannot start the quest.

After entering the house quest area, make party as quickly as possible. Even if you have already partied before the quest is started, your party will be disbanded after moving to the house quest map.

Like faction war, all message ‘success, fail and time left’ will be shown.

When killing the boss monster in Boss room, you will be moved to faction town in 30 seconds.(Order : House of Order / Chaos : House of Chaos)

There is a time delay after the house promotion quest starts.