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6th Grade House Quest [Chamber of Keys]

6th Grade House Quest [Chamber of Keys]

The dungeon is made of 4 steps. The first step is Chamber of Keys. In the Chamber of Keys, there are 4 small rooms, and you have to get 3 keys by killing monsters from each room. [1st to 4th].

Monsters in the each room (4) of Chamber of Keys will drop key, and you have to collect each colored key (Red/Green/Yellow/Blue).

When you collect all the keys, go to click [Disband the group] button. And then the dragon shaped symbol of the door will be set.

After clicking 4 [Disband the group] button and set the dragon shaped symbol, you will see a Warp zone inside the room.

Go inside the room and take next step through the warp zone.

6th Grade House Quest [Chamber of the Labyrinth]

When you complete [Chamber of Keys], you can take 2 step of 6th house quests [Chamber of the Labyrinth]. Chamber of the Labyrinth is more complicated than The Spiral Circle, and bigger than Apricot Labyrinth.

There is no monster in Chamber of the Labyrinth.

There is warp point in Chamber of the Labyrinth, and you have to find the warp point to pass ‘Chamber of the Labyrinth ‘.

To take next step, all members should help each other to find the warp point because like Green Crystal Marble, the warp point is random.

6th Grade House Quest [The Three Gates]

Unlike other step, it is the highlight of 6th quests. In The Three Gates, there are 3 rooms and there is a warp point among those 3 rooms. You can take next step with the warp point, but you will move to random place through the point. So! Failure/Success is dependent upon which warp you take.

You can get the warp point (center of the room) by killing monster keeping the room and then you can take next step.

You will move to [Chamber of the Labyrinth], [Chamber of Training] or [The Queen's Quarters] through the warp point.

After killing all monsters in the 3 rooms, you have to choose which warp point you will take.

If! You are moved to Chamber of the Labyrinth again, you need to pass the maze again and take the step The Three Gates. (But, you don’t need to kill monster again.)

If you are moved to The Queen's Quarters, the quest [The Three Gates] will be cleared.

6th Grade House Quest 6 [The Queen's Quarters]

The last 6th grade quest [The Queen's Quarters]!! You will meet some monsters like ‘Ghost Wizard’ and final monster ‘Mysterious Dungeon Keeper’

In case of [Mysterious Dungeon Keeper], it is the final boss monster and has fancy de-buff skill!! Mysterious Dungeon Keeper uses the de-buff skill like Poisoned / Decreased Attack / Decreased Defense / cannot use Skill / No Movement.

While killing the monster [Mysterious Dungeon Keeper], you will get a Voucher of the King. You will also get some chest items and stone items.

Only house master can get quest item [Voucher of the King], and if he cannot get the item, the house cannot be promoted.

After completing the quest, go to house promotion NPC to click [House Promotion]. Since Voucher of the King is removed, the house grade is moved up to 6th.

* You need to get the Drop item from Mysterious Dungeon Keeper within 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, all house members and master will be moved to C. Valley

* When the house is promoted from 5th to 6thgrade, house master has to have not only [Voucher of the King] but also ki and game money.

* Quest duration (time : 60)